Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Duh!

The article linked above just makes me shake my head. For the most part, teachers are not the problem with education in America. I have a few years of teaching under my belt and I have worked with wonderful teachers at each school. The schools I taught at weren't the cream of crop, but rather the black sheep of the districts. One year, I did receive a bonus for test scores. I was not going to turn that down; teachers are very much underpaid. The year I received the bonus, my students performed the same way as they would have if there had been no bonus involved. My students could care less about my finances. I, along with all of the other teachers, do their best year after year. Teachers will always accept more money, but it's not going to change things.

I did see on the news today that Dallas ISD is handing out money to both students and teachers. Now THAT might actually work. Maybe not. $100 may not be enough to motivate some students for an entire school year.

In the end, this country will realize that money doesn't solve all the problems. You must first get to the root of the problem before it can be fixed.

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