Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Big Day Thursday

So Thursday was a big day for me. It started off with me finding out about a drug that I might be able to use to treat my autoimmune disease if I were to get pregnant again. It sounds a thousand times better than prednisone. Now, I'm very thankful for prednisone, but I never want to take the stuff again! I'm going to do more research on the drug I found and talk to doctors about it. It sounds promising, though! I'm so glad God has left the book of my mothering life opened and has not locked it closed like I had thought! I was beginning to be pretty convincing to myself on why we're better off with just two children, so we may still choose to go that route. Only the future will tell!

So, I was on cloud nine about this whole baby thing when I went to pick up Audrey from school. On the way there, a big truck came over into my lane and I had no where to go. I won't get into all of the details, but basically neither speeding up nor slamming on the brakes would have saved me. I went off-roading and caused some damage to my car. The truck driver had no clue. So now my car is in the shop and I get to drive the vehicle pictured below. I know I look ridiculous in it, but it is fun to drive! Michael says I'm channeling my inner Paris Hilton when I drive this! Ha!

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Gina said...

Oh, Brooke, are you and the girls okay?? I am so sorry. That is so scary. Just curious-what autoimmune disease do you have? I also have one-fibromyalgia.