Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Audrey's 3rd Birthday Party

We were able to celebrate Audrey's 3rd birthday party on Saturday. I have no idea how that time can get and and move by so quickly without you noticing! I went with a polka dotted theme. I had asked Audrey what kind of party she wanted, and she said "Sasa." Sasa is what we call my aunt. She was honored, but that would have been a strange theme. Michael suggested playdoh and then I went a little further and went with color!

Audrey had a blast, but you won't be able to tell in pictures. I'm not sure if the guests were even able to tell. But rest assured, she enjoyed each and every gift, smile, and look! She just a wallflower when a lot of people gather, and especially when she's the center of attention.

I learned what Do A Dot markers were from Shannon's blog. They were a hit! There are also jars of playdoh inside the pail.

Lauren introduced me to tissue pompoms when we were hostesses for Kellee's baby shower. Tobin made them then and they looked wonderful! Mine aren't so great. I quickly discovered that using cheap dollar store tissue works a lot better than the really cute tissue I originally bought.

FYI: There aren't THAT many Skittles inside. I filled the canisters with KCups first. It's a good thing too, because I'm eating those Skittles all by myself!

The picture above and below are about as excited Audrey got while opening presents. :)

Michael is holding Audrey while we sing Happy Birthday. She sang along this year and even blew out the candle! Previous years, she became immobile from all of the people looking at her. If you have never been around Audrey in a small setting, she's a hoot. You don't believe me, do you?

Julia got some Patty-Cake time with Sasa and Mimi.


Rachel said...

So cute, Brooke...good job! And I know you don't need me to tell you this, but I was just as reserved/shy as Audrey is at her age and even older...she might just grow out of it a little!

erin. said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to Audrey! She is so beautiful! PS..> Great job on the decorations!

Carole said...

Everything looked great, you did a fantastic job. I think Auds will outgrow her shyness. She is nowhere as shy as I was or even as you were. I remember the deadpan expressions you had at your early birthday parties. ;)
And btw, that is NANA playing pat a cake with Julia in Sasa's lap. Do my hands look 92, lol?

Shannon said...

Adorable party Brooke!! Everything looks perfect! We're having Morgan's party on Friday. Still can't believe they are three!

Meant to comment on your earlier post. Morgan went through a stuttering phase (maybe over the summer?). She would say "Wha wha wha what's that mommy?" Might be totally different than Miss Audrey. I freaked out a little, but then Brad realized she would tell us exactly what she wanted to, if we wouldn't spend 5 minutes saying "What Morgan?" She got over it in a couple of weeks. Just a thought!!