Friday, December 31, 2010

Julia's 9 Months Old!

Happy New Years Eve to you and Happy 9 Months to Julia! 2010 was a year of an extreme high and low for me. Julia was the highlight of the year!

There's nothing new to report about Julia. She's still a sweet, laid back baby. Still not crawling and still no teeth. She has shown more of a temper when you take something away from her. That's been happening quite a bit as she reaches for things that she shouldn't have. Audrey and Julia are interacting more and more. So that should bring some sweet moments and I'm sure some crying.

It seems wherever I take Julia, people tell me what an easy baby she is and they are so right! She can take three naps a day, but she's still happy (usually) when she's missed them all. I can drag her all over town and she usually goes with the flow.

Simply put, I can't imagine her not in my life. God blessed me tremendously with this precious angel. She is the highlight of my year and will brighten the rest of my life.

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