Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More from Hall Holiday

Can you believe I'm still trying to catch up on the events from Thanksgiving on an 80 degree day just before Christmas? It's officially winter, but if the water was warm, you could go swimming.

So, if you remember, we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Hall side in November. It included about everything you can think of. Frosting cookies, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Tamales, Turkey and Ham, Christmas movies, kickball, opening presents, story telling, ancestry researching, picture taking...you name it, we did it. A week didn't give us enough time.

On the Friday morning after Thanksgiving, we celebrated Christmas. We took care of the son of some of our friends that had to work on Friday. So we were in charge of 3 kids, 2 years and younger, during the chaos of opening gifts with all of the cousins. Just making sure Julia didn't eat anything and Joshua didn't run up the stairs was hard. Then you add Audrey wanting us to put together her new toys and you get a little taste of my brain being tested of its multitasking abilities. There is a reason why you should have at least 9 months of space between your own kids! It was a joy to take care of a precious little boy for a change and I would love to do it again!

Here's picture of the plasma car! Each walking grandkid got one and the adults enjoyed them just as much as the kids! We had many races around the kitchen island on them.

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