Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Family Tree

Last month, my dad wanted to nail down for sure whether or not we were related to Cy Perkins, a baseball player and manager who played alongside Babe Ruth. I started using and lo and behold, we're not. :(

I also started digging into Michael's family. He is probably (this could be wrong, but it looks correct as far as we can tell) related to Benjamin Franklin and also Thomas Wyatt.

Pretty cool, huh? I would love to keep searching, but my free trial ended Thanksgiving day. I did get obsessed, searching for family members well past midnight for a couple of weeks.

Can anyone else trace their family way back? Are you related to any famous people?


laura jo said...

Okay, my family is obsessed with! Dad is really into it, and has been for awhile. He's our family historian. I'm pretty sure Eric will be our family historian as well. Any spare moment or down time, he wants to scan in old pictures of his grandparents or research census data.

Cool stuff, I tell ya.

Ronni said...

I've thought about signing for too - maybe over Christmas break when I'll have a bunch of time. I do know that I'm related to Celine Dion (she's my 10th cousin, once removed...if that even counts as relation. :) ).

Mama M. said...

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