Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My OTHER Birthday Present

My husband. He just can't help himself. Remember when he took me to Game 6 of the ACLS, the night we (the Rangers - I'm a part of them, ya know!) sent the Yankees home and sent ourselves to the World Series? It was one of the best experiences of my life. That was supposed to be my birthday present. Well, when November rolled around, he just had to do something AGAIN for my birthday. Here it is:

We went to the Stars/Ducks game. It was a great game. We won and there were a lot of fights! :) We were also 10 rows behind the glass. He paid very little for these seats too. That kind of makes me sad because that means that the fans aren't supporting the Stars like they should. There were not many people there; it was at least half empty. So sad. But, I had a great time! Thanks, Michael!!!

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erin. said...

What a fun gift! It is sad at the current state of ticket sales here in New York too. If you buy them through the team though they are so expensive. . . like $120 for good seats. Glad you two enjoyed the game!!!