Monday, December 13, 2010

Illness and Stuttering

I still have a lot of catching up to do, but life keeps getting in the way. That's a great Sister Hazel song, by the way - Life Got in the Way. We ended up having Audrey's birthday party Saturday and all went well. Then last night, about 8:30, Audrey threw up again. Then Julia threw up in the middle of the night last night. I'm praying we didn't spread any germs at the party or church. Maybe I'm stubborn, but I just don't think Audrey and Julia's illnesses are related. I'm still thinking Audrey ate something bad and her tummy has had a hard time recovering. I feel like if she was spreading a bug, I would have gotten it for sure. And she went well over 72 hours without throwing up.

Today is pj day around here. I'm doing all the laundry that got neglected during the goings-on last week. I've had to clean children, bedding, rugs, and so on 8 times recently, so there has been no chance for our regular dirty clothes to get washed. How do you really clean a pillow that's surface clean only?

Also, can any of you tell me ANYTHING about a toddler that suddenly starts stuttering? We're just ignoring it right now. Any tips or warnings? Audrey began to stutter sometime after Thanksgiving. I would connect it to a big jump in vocabulary, but she had already made a huge jump a few months ago and she didn't do this.


Supermom-In-Training said...

JD totally did the stuttering thing right around Audrey's age. TOTALLY freaked us out. It went away after about 6 weeks on its own. I was actually looking into speech therapists and everything. Seems to be related to growth spurts because JD hit a BIG one right around that same time.

Anonymous said...

hey brooke! laura sent me a link to your blog about stuttering. honestly, i wouldn't worry right now. She's more likely to outgrow it if: it begins before age 3 1/2, she stutters for less than 6 months, she's a girl, and if she doesn't have many speech errors. The Stuttering Foundation of America is a resource that I use often in therapy, and they have some great resources for parents of preschoolers, as well as a checklist for the risk factors of it continuing. Hope that helps!

jenny rich