Monday, January 03, 2011


Happy New Year to everyone! Have you kept your resolutions? I never truly make any, but I do try to be more disciplined at the beginning of each year. I am usually pretty successful with it for a few months because I get a lot of alone time during the first of the year with it being Michael's busy season and all.

I have to admit, blogging seems a little overwhelming right now. There is a lot to catch up on. I've decided to do Christmas in one big post. Hopefully, I don't lose you in the middle!

The Saturday before Christmas, by brother and his family came up for a few days. We went to church with my parents on Sunday and spent the day together. The adults enjoyed food and dconversation while the kids enjoyed opening presents.
Papa and Julia.


Nana tearing into her gift!

Perkins cousins.

My girls.

The boy cousins.

Brady's got some killer blue eyes.

Maddie reading to Julia.


On Monday, we had a Perkins family reunion. We were able to enjoy my dad's family from all over Texas and we Skyped with my uncle's family in Florida. My aunt rented a jump house for the kids. It was a huge success!
Almost all of the Perkins family.

The Perkins Women.

The kids worn out from bouncing.
(Creed, Macie, Audrey)

Michael and Audrey.

Our family.

On Wednesday, we had dinner with Michael's parents and drove around looking at Christmas lights in a ritzy Plano neighborhood. This was serious business as there were a dozen limos and even a tour bus driving around. The lines into the neighborhood were ridiculous.

On Christmas Eve, we didn't have any plans. That's a first in my life! I tried to do as much as possible with our little family. Audrey and I did a gingerbread house. She just wanted to stay clean and not make mess. The rest of the day was spent making gingerbread men, reindeer cookies, and sugar cookies. Audrey did watch some Christmas movies with Michael. We had dinner at Chili's. Yes, Chili's. It was the only place decent open and it MADE MY NIGHT! I can't explain it, but the Christmas spirit was alive in the restaurant. The staff was amazing and cheerful. Audrey was enraptured by the little electric train that chugs along in the front. Julia was a perfect as can be. We went home, read about the birth of Jesus in Audrey's Toddler Bible, and left cookies out for Santa.

Christmas morning, the girls SLEPT IN! Julia woke up about 8:30 and Audrey woke up close to 9. Audrey loved opening the presents for both her and Julia. Julia enjoyed the playing with the torn wrapping paper. After all of the unwrapping, Audrey played with Julia's toys and Julia played with Audrey's toys. Go figure!

We went to my parents house that afternoon and night and enjoyed more yummy food and fellowship. My grandmother gave me a couple of her recipe books with hand-written recipes on some of the back pages. I will treasure it forever. It was a wonderful Christmas.

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Shannon said...

Brooke, your girls are precious! Oh my goodness. It may be pregnancy hormones, but man! Seeing them dressed alike and in their makes me miss when mine were that small (which wasn't that long ago, but Mallory doesn't want to dress like Morgan anymore or wear bows!). They are so sweet. Enjoy this time. Their ages was probably my favorite with my girls.

So glad you and Lori got to see each other! Wish I could have barged in on that lunch:) Next time!