Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Phone Pictures

Probably like most of you, I take a lot of pictures with my cell phone. Videos too. I like that I can instantly send them to Michael or his mom without having to be by the computer. But, I hardly ever transfer them to the computer, so you usually don't get to see them - unless I post it on facebook.

Here are some recent pictures that I had on my phone. Also a video of Audrey saying her memory verse.
Audrey is really into hair things at the moment.

First taste of finger foods.

I caught them holding hands while I was fixing breakfast. Melt my heart!
Now it appears Audrey always wants to hold Julia's hand.

Minnie Mouse ears, butterfly wings, and three hair clips.

Here, Audrey put pajama bottoms over her footed pajamas.

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Rachel said...

Cute...your girls are adorable! I often take iphone pics and I send out videos all the time to Casey and the grandparents. But like you, I never transfer them to the computer. I need to get on that!