Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Years Week

I got to eat with some wonderful friends this past week. Lori was my college roommate for the four years I was at ACU. This girl knows me like none other! We were both education majors and signed up to take the same classes as long as we could. We were literally inseparable. She decided that the little, little kids were her thing and I decided middle school kids were my thing - and so our dream of teaching next door to each other ended. It's just like old times when we see each other. It takes all I have to stay in Dallas and not move out to Abilene to be near her. She is wonderful and I miss her. Loved our lunch together - just the two of us - FUN!

Michael and I didn't do anything NYE night. We had plans, but Michael really needed to do some work, so he watched a movie while he worked. I didn't like the movie, so I didn't even watch it. I became frustrated when I realized at 11:04 that I didn't even get to see the ball drop in NY because of that movie. I eventually got over it and then discovered that they replay it at midnight, Dallas time! How do I not remember that from previous years?! Was this the first year Dick Clark wasn't around? He's still alive, right? I missed him for the few minutes I watched.

Then on New Years Day, we met our friends, Mike and Ruth, at the Melting Pot. I could eat just the bread and cheese for every meal until I died. YUM!!! They are quickly becoming great friends of ours. Michael has been close to Mike since college, so I guess I'm the one getting to know them well. Not only do we laugh A TON with them, they help us so much spiritually. We're meeting every week now to study the Bible together. Michael and Mike have been meeting a long time already. They do a ministry thing together. They like to keep it quiet, so I won't go into the details of it. They are just two people that encourage our relationship with God. That's the kind of friend everyone should have.

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Rachel said...

Love your top in that picture...so pretty! And I love the Melting Pot too!