Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Got a New Camera!

I finally took the plunge and bought a new camera! I asked around a lot and shopped around on the internet before making my decision. My knowledge was zero when it came to cameras; I only understood point and shoot. I also didn't want to have to go to a workshop to understand my camera. I'm not made of money, nor time for that matter. We are about to go on vacation, so I needed to do this now! I ended up with the Canon Rebel XS. If I ever come across more money (we all can dream, can't we?), I'll purchase lenses.

Anyways, here are my favorites from last night. I was just reading through the manual and taking pictures. The first is of Julia before I put her to bed. Poor thing was so tired. This is the second picture I took and it's in Full Auto mode.

This is Audrey reading after she took her bath. I was playing with the ISO (whatever that means!) with this one.

And this one is of Michael consoling Audrey after she pinched her finger. Portrait mode on this one.
I am beyond excited! Woohoo!!! Thanks to everyone that gave me advice!

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