Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top Golf

Michael bought me golf clubs for Christmas last year. It was so that we could do something fun together. Yes, I was like 6 or 7 months pregnant. Needless to say, I was going to wait until after I had Julia to attempt swinging a golf club.

Saturday, we met up with our friends, Jake and Amanda, to go to Top Golf. I had been here before to putt putt. Super fun! (see picture below to see the cool course) This is not your ordinary putt putt. But this time we were going to the driving range and I was very excited! I don't really know how to even swing a club, much less hit a golf ball. This was going to give me the ability to just go for it and not have to worry about injuring anyone.

You see, we were on the second floor and that really helps when you can't get much air on your ball. And they have these HUGE, GINORMOUS holes that you try to hit the ball in. You get points if your ball goes into the hole. There is a chip in each ball that tells the computer where your ball landed and how many points you received. In a way, it's like bowling.

I was horrible! But I had so much fun! (Once I got out the driver so I could actually hit that tiny ball!) I was very sore the next day too. Anyways, I highly recommend this place for a date or just a day/night with friends.

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Chad, Jennifer, and Hudson said...

Ok, I had to click over from Google Reader to comment. First, thanks for the great idea. I think I may take Chad there for his birthday. Sounds like sooo. much. fun. So, if you get a facebook from me in April asking you what that place is called, that's why. I won't remember then. :) Also, I just love Audrey's double french braids. I used to do Michelle and Katie's hair like that in college. It looks great! Nice job!