Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Life Without TV

My husband and I have bounced around the idea of not having tv for years. We pulled the trigger a couple of weeks ago. Well, sort of. We still have tv's, but no cable, satellite, or antenna. We thought about how much of a time-waster it is and how there's a lot of inappropriate stuff out there. I say the summer is the best time to do it. We all know that summer tv is pretty worthless. Also, the shows we had been watching are no longer. Those shows would be 24, LOST, and FlashForward (cancelled I think).

What about the Texas Rangers, you ask? We haven't caught many games as it is. If they make (and they will) the playoffs, we can watch it online. In fact, we can watch most everything online thanks to hulu.com.

What about Audrey and her obsession with Curious George? She's got the DVD's.

What about Michael and Seinfeld? Again, he owns all of the DVD's.

We also have movies and the Wii to play with. Life won't be boring. In fact, we will probably grow closer as a family.


Carole said...

I think that's a brilliant idea. I wish I'd do the same thing, except with the computer, not the tv. I could easily give up tv. And I'd be better off limiting my internet time to an hour or two a day!

Kama said...

We haven't had cable, etc. in years. If you're interested in the "good" shows throughout the day, let me know. ;) There's this DIY channel--ION Life that's pretty good 68-3 for us. I like She's Crafty at 1:00. :) 27 is good too--Cosby Show at 12 and AFV at 11. Other than that, it's Gilmore Girls DVDs for me. If nothing is on at night, that's when it gets ugly! ;)

billy and stephanie said...

I think you will be happy with your decision. When Amber and I were growing up our parents did the same thing. We were just starting junior high. It was really hard at first but you find other stuff to do and really don't miss it. I agree, what is on the TV is mainly trash. And like you said movies and occasional show on the computer will keep you entertained. So happy for y'all. Hoping to maybe get together now that we are in the Fort Worth area. ~Stephanie

Gina said...

We don't have cable. Bryce doesn't know what he is missing, which is really not much. And I only allow about an hour of tv (movie or pbs) a day anyways. I agree, TV is a waste of time. But I also like that hour break in the morning to wake up a little without being asked why a million times. :)

the brock clan said...

We don't have cable either! I was pretty nervous about it, but actually never miss it! It is great!

Shannon said...

Good for y'all Brooke! We got rid of Dish almost 3 years ago. The hardest thing was detoxing from the dvr:) We love hulu!

FeedingYourMind said...

Brooke: Nicely done! I haven't ever had cable...the times I've got close to considering getting it is only for ESPN and my sports...HA! Part of me thinks this could be the year I break down and get it for the NFL season and so I can watch purchase "Red Zone" for the season, but other than that, if I had cable, the only thing I would ever have on on it would be ESPN.

I've never been much of a television watcher. If it weren't for the few reality shows I watch (Biggest Loser, American's Got Talent, and American Idol) I too would never watch the thing.

I'm with Carole though. I need to work on giving up the internet. But lately I've tried finding other things to occupy my mind in my "free time" and I've really gotten into reading the Sunday paper! I'm thinking seriously about subscribing to that...HA! Maybe I'm getting old. ;)

Way to go on your decision though!

Miss G said...

We don't own a tv. :) Kelly