Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last Week in Pictures

So, I've had a little fun with my new camera this past week. I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures because I have LOVED taking the pictures!

My Sweetie.
My Baby.
So Happy.
Love her!
Sisters playing.
Audrey cooking.
Audrey playing.
My loves.
Sweet looks.
Saying hi.
Bath fun.
Big Eyes.
Baby cheeks.

Big blow.
Bubbles galore.
Sticky mess.


BECKY said...

isn't it fun playing with a new camera!! great pics!

Meredith said...

Great pics Brooke! I love my camera too, isn't it fun! Great subjects to practice on. ;) I thought of you yesterday when Ella came home from her first day at school and said she made friends with a girl named Brooke. Ahhhh! I Love it!

Shannon said...

Love the one with them looking at each other. I have several of M&M that are like that...so sweet!

I also love the bath picture of Julia...she looks JUST like you (I think at least...probably the Carole in you:) )!!

The Price Family! said...

I love all your pictures. They are so cute!